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Results driven online advertisements strategies to help you connect with your customers, drives sales and grow your business.
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Here are some hints


As of 2018, about 315 million of US population use the internet. (Statista)


As of 2018, about 224 million people use smart phone in the US. (statista)


As of 2018, 252.2 million of the US population have a social media account. (statista)


On average, we sleep for 7 hours a day and spend 5 hours of the remaining 17 on mobile phones. (pcmag)

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In any given 48-hour period, 80% of Americans are shopping online. (wordstream)


Consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks. (Sprout Social)


Consumers are reading between 2-10 reviews when researching local businesses. (yelpblog)


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Everyone is online! It is the way to go.
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